About me

I graduated as a graphic artist at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2019, however, I have been working in my field since 2013.


I have experience in both agency work and freelancing. I am confident to create branding and web design, and I also had several assignments related to publication design, UX design, media design, interior design and installations. In 2018 I completed a semester at a German university in the subject of communication design.


After graduation, I spent three months in London as a freelance designer. My fondness for travelling, studying, working abroad and having foreigner clients made me competent in an international environment. 


In the past few years, I dedicated myself to making steps towards environmental challenges and shifted my focus to taking responsibility with the tool of design. I had many projects concentrating on the climate crisis. 


My graduation thesis was about helping people as a designer to understand the main concerns of the climate crisis. As my diploma project, I created a concept for a studio that creates designs to organisations involved in sustainability and conscious environmental actions. Since my graduation, I’m working on actualizing this project.

You can take a look at my CV here: